The Moving Help Burbank cannot offer you a storage unit yet, but we can offer you a moving hand when it comes to moving in or moving out. Moving does not always include storage, but when it does you should prevent all the stress that you can by hiring the best moving professionals in the neighborhood. Our team has a bunch of experience when it comes to relocating storage units. Not only we will help you with heavy lifting, but we will offer service of disassembly or reassembly as well. As a part of our standard service, we are going to wrap up and protect your furniture as well. All of our employees are trained and experienced in providing storage relocations. 

As a reputable moving business that operates locally, we are aware of the negative reputation that moving companies have. Therefore we do everything completely transparently. We are all part of the same community and we should help each other. That is why our moving consultants will help you, not only with getting a moving quote, but with needed advice for storage move. The Moving Help Burbank has an amazing team of moving coordinators that will help you setting and preparing for your storage move. 

Things to think about when moving to or from a storage unit:

  • Before you schedule your local movers, check the storage working hours and get a 24 hours access key or gate code so your movers with a truck can approach your unit. 
  • Find a storage unit that is close to your new or current location. Not only will you save some money while saving the time for your local move, but in case you need something from the unit, you will be there to take it efficiently. 
  • Get extra protection for your items if you have something very valuable or if you want your items to stay in a storage unit for a longer period of time. 
  • Last, but not least, find a storage unit that is clean and well-maintained because your belongings will be there for a certain period of time and you should find a place that is safe and cozy and where you feel comfortable leaving them.