Home can mean many different things – apartment, 1 bedroom house, condo on floor 10 or even 5 bedroom house. There is one thing that all homes have in common and that is a feeling of a sanctuary where you keep your most valuable memories. The Moving Help Burbank will help you safely relocate all of your precious memories and furniture to your new home so you can have a fresh start. 

First, you need to get a moving quote and our team of moving coordinators will make sure to offer you an individual moving plan that will fit your moving needs. We will carefully listen about your home so we can advise you on the number of movers and services that you might need. Not only will we explain our services and offer you our all inclusive rate without any fees, but our team will guide you so you can be well-prepared for your upcoming relocation. After that, you just need to decide what date and time will work for you to schedule your local move. To secure your spot, we just require a deposit that will be deducted from your final bill when the move is done. Price you get when booking your move is guaranteed and we won’t surprise you with any charges on your moving date. As a local movers that charge the hourly rates, we start our clock once we get to your location and start the actual work and it is stopped when the last piece of furniture is relocated. Even though we charge for our services hourly, our team will make sure to move you in the most efficient way! 

We can guarantee you won’t find better qualified movers in Burbank! Our team is carefully selected, background checks are always done and they are trained properly so they can meet our high standards. They are not just furniture movers, they are hard working professionals that can take care of any moving request you might have. Our trucks are well equipped and well-maintained and they are stocked with everything movers and packers need during the job – tools for disassembly and reassembly, moving blankets, plastic wrap, wardrobe boxes, dollies etc. All that in order to accommodate your move in the safest way. Moving insurance is always included in our price because we want you to  feel safe during your relocation.