No matter if you are moving to a small office, large corporation or big company, you will need a plan or a strategy that will help you perform this relocation smoothly. Any local furniture movers can help you with heavy lifting, but The Moving Help Burbank will help you with planning and organizing as well. Team of our agents on the phone are not only sales representatives, they are someone who understands moving and they can detect your moving needs even without telling them what exactly you need. You won’t get only a moving price from us, but detailed guidance and advice on your commercial move. This type of relocation requires more detailed planning and we understand if you need time to think about the moving quote that you got, that is why we will send you a moving quote in a written form as well. On the other hand, we are aware that you would like to call a few Burbank moving companies and compare services. That is why we will explain to you what is all included in our all-inclusive price. Additional fees are not part of our price and that is guaranteed. We don’t charge anything for handling bulky items, stairs, long hallways, there are no fees for fuel, gas or even a double drive time fee.

If you decide to book your appointment, it is very simple and fast. We understand how important time efficiency is for you when it comes to your business relocation and that is why we want to be as flexible as possible. Moving after hours, on weekends – of course we can do it for you! Choose your move date and time and secure your spot simply. Our moving team will be at your location at the agreed time and we will start with relocating your office. Safety comes first, that is why our trucks are well-maintained and stocked with everything that our professional team needs to move your furniture in the utmost careful way. Services that are included in our price are disassembly and reassembly of your items, protection of your furniture with our moving blankets and plastic wrap, dollies etc. Your belongings are our care. 

The ultimate goal when hiring local movers for your commercial move is to save some time. The Moving Help Burbank will save you a bunch of time on planning and performing, so you can focus on more important things – running and developing your business.