Moving an apartment comes with its own unique set of challenges. Thankfully, we are apartment moving experts. Our movers are trained so you can count on them to move your belongings with care. We can get you packed, moved and set up in your new apartment! Whatever you need, our team of Burbank movers and packers are here for you. Team of movers and packers that are working for us are experienced moving professionals that will take care of disassembly, reassembly, wrapping up and protection of your belongings. Movers with a truck will be at your apartment building at the agreed time and you should make sure that there is a parking spot where they can park. Moving trucks are stocked with everything we need to safely and time efficiently perform your apartment moving – tools, dollies, moving blankets, plastic wrap, wardrobe boxes etc. 

Before you get to the moving part, you will have to schedule your local move with us. Our moving consultants will show you why we are the best movers in Burbank! They will carefully listen about your upcoming relocation, ask you questions that will help us determine what number of movers is the best for your upcoming relocation and how to perform the service efficiently. Not only will they help you schedule your move, but they will give you guidance needed for anyone who is preparing for their upcoming relocation. Getting a quote with us is free as well as the additional services you might need, like a certificate of insurance, protection for your elevator or moving in a certain period of a week or day. The Moving Help Burbank is famous for not having any additional charges for services we offer. Price you will get from us is guaranteed and all inclusive. No one likes surprises, especially  when it comes to a local move, so we don’t charge anything for handling heavy items, stairs or long hallways. We start charging for our services when we start the actual job, so no charge to get to your location or to go back to our office. When we say transparency, we truly mean it! 

Apartment moving might be stressful, because not only you need to think about the safety of your belongings, but you need to think about the properties you are moving in and out. The Moving Help Burbank is a licensed moving company and that is why we are proud to say that moving insurance is always included in our price. Everything in order to make you feel safe for your local move.

Contact us and let’s create something good together!