Local Movers – Things you Must Know

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If you are planning a relocation in the recent future, you must be wondering what are the essentials of moving? Besides hiring local moves, there are many things you should be familiar with, both related to your preparation and professional movers. There is quite a lot to think of when moving. Knowing that we came up with the list that should help you out planning and organizing the whole project. 

How to plan the upcoming move? 

We all know that every good move must start with the moving plan. The better the plan you make, the less you will be dependable on your local movers. Sure, they can help, but some things are best when you do them on your own. Rule number one is to purchase the notebook where you are going to write all the details related to your move. Even before calling local movers, you should write down the info about them in that notebook. The most important task is to create the timeline and to stick to it as much as possible. You will have to determine the date when you are available for the move, and that should be done before calling professional movers. Local movers might have different rates on different days of the week, and you want to clear your schedule for a couple of dates before calling to check if they have availability. If you are flexible with the moving day, the whole process will be much easier, and you will get the chance to choose the local movers you want to use. On the other hand, if you come up with the idea to hire professional movers late, you might end up using the only company that has the availability… And that is usually the company that you don’t want to use. To sum up, the most important thing to know when it comes to moving is to make a plan that you will follow. 

What kind of move do you need? 

You probably know that not every move is the same. One of the first questions your local movers will ask is what type of service do you need. Of course, every home or office is different, that is why you should gather as much information as possible. It’s not bad to learn more about what professional movers can offer. 

Residential moving

Any time when you need to move your home, no matter if it is an apartment or house, you will call local movers to help you with residential moving. There is a slight difference between these. When you are planning an apartment move, your local movers will need you to check with your building management whether they have to provide any additional information or documents to have a stress-free job. Sometimes, the building management might ask your local movers to provide the certificate of insurance. Or you might need to reserve the elevator so your local movers can use it freely during the day. And when you are moving from a house, these are not the problem. When you need some help with the residential move, you won’t have any problem finding experienced local movers to help you, since this is usually their area of expertise. 

Commercial moving

Regardless of the type of your business, you will probably need the help of local movers to organize the whole thing. Whether your office is small or you are moving an entire commercial building, call professional movers to help you. Why? There are so much planning and organizing you don’t want to deal with, trust us! 


It is not unusual for the clients to be in need to use storage units during the relocation. You might want to downsize to the smaller home and you need to place the rest of your furniture pieces in the storage unit. Or your homes are not closing at the same time… The list is endless. Local movers can always help you with this type of move. Sometimes professional movers might have a storage unit that they can recommend. Many LA movers even have their storage. When planning to move in or out of a storage unit, you should leave it to the professional movers. 

Labor moving

Local movers can help you with different tasks that might not even seem like a job for movers. From regular labor jobs such as loading and unloading your truck, pod, or U-haul to moving a few items within your home – professional movers can do it all. When it comes to this moving project you might want to gather the list of furniture that needs to be carried because your local movers might ask you. 

Where to find local movers?

After you read everything about the types of moves, planning, and organizing, it is time for the real deal. Finding local movers is the most important step of your upcoming relocation. You want someone reliable and affordable at the same time. Think about it, those are people who are going to come to your home and handle your memories and belongings you gathered for years. Therefore you want to have professional movers who will do their best. Unless you have someone to recommend the local movers they used for their past relocation, you will have to do some research. The easiest way to find local movers is to search on the internet (Yelp and Google). Make sure to read as many reviews as possible to get an idea of the services and attitude your local movers have. It is not enough to do research, you will have to call at least 5 moving companies before picking your perfect professional movers. 

Moving budget

Since there are many LA movers – there are many affordable movers too. Once you set the moving budget, you will be able to find local movers that are suitable. When it comes to setting the budget, you should be realistic and take into consideration the other expenses, apart from professional movers. Think of packing boxes, transferring utilities, and similar. 

Packing Tips

A couple of tips when it comes to packing. If you are planning to hire your local movers to help you with this, you can freely skip this chapter. But if you are going to do it on your own, here are some guidelines. 

Start in time

We can emphasize the importance of starting the whole packing process in time. The last deadline you should set for yourself is to be packed a day before your local movers arrive. Don’t underestimate your home size, because you won’t be able to pack up everything in one day. Leave at least a couple of days, better yet, weeks for you to pack up. And don’t rush it – it might lead to some damages that you want to avoid. 


The perfect opportunity to get rid of unwanted belongings – moving for sure! This will save you a lot of time on packing, and it might save you some money if your local movers are going to help you with packing. Anything that can be donated or sell, should be. Organize a garage sale, or sell the items online – anything that works for you, just don’t pack up your new home with old and unwanted items. 

How to pack?

We gathered some tips from professional movers on the way you should pack. A few simple rules – don’t leave any space in the boxes, fill them out with packing paper or newspapers. If something is too heavy, don’t pack it with the other items, because it will be too heavy for your local movers to carry those boxes. And that might lead to damages that you can’t blame your local movers for. 

Label the boxes

Not only it will be much easier for you to unpack, but your local movers will know where to place the boxes once at your new home. You might want to add notes for your professional movers too. Write down if something is fragile or if some side should go up or down. 

Essential bag

Be realistic, once your local movers leave, the last thing you will want to do is unpack. So pack up an essential bag with the most important items you should have with you during your first day and night in your new home. You don’t want to go through a bunch of boxes to find linens or toothbrushes. Think of all the items that you will need, and pack them aside. 


Local movers are not responsible for the valuables, such as documents and jewelry, so make sure to pack these separately. It is best to move them on your own – you will be sure they are safe and sound. 

Moving equipment

Local movers are not offering just heavy lifting! They will bring a bunch of moving equipment so they can disassemble and reassemble your furniture to move it safely and efficiently. Professional movers will do their best to keep your items safe along the process, so they will have wrapping materials for that. Moving dollies are commonly used to handle any heavy items you might have. Sometimes, they might offer wardrobe boxes too, and that way you won’t have to pack hanging clothes at all. 

Services local movers cannot do

Local movers cannot do it all! Someone needed to mention that. No matter how elite, experienced, or professional movers you hired, there are some limitations. Professional movers have their weight limits, so if you have some items like grand piano or pool table – you might need to hire specialized local movers for that. Also, professional movers will never do anything that can jeopardize the safety of your belongings or their safety, of course. Disconnecting and connecting back your appliances is something you will have to do on your own. Local movers cannot mount or unmount your TV or anything on the wall. Hoisting is not a favorite service that professional movers will provide you with, there are some limits when it comes to this too. And last, but not least… Local movers cannot help you with unpacking. We know this might break your heart because after packing, this is the worst part of every relocation, but you will have to do it on your own. 


You should know that local movers expect you to provide them with a parking spot for the truck. In case you don’t have the driveway where the truck can fit, you might consider applying for the parking permit. To get this permit, you will need to wait a couple of days, so make sure to do it in time because local movers are usually charging the clients for the parking tickets they get. 

Do I have to tip the movers?

After we covered all the bases, it is time for the most often question – should I tip the local movers and if so, how much. Professional movers are paid by the company they are working with, so you are definitely not obligated to tip them. However, the rules are the same as for any service you are getting. You won’t even think about this question in the restaurant for example. How much to tip the local movers depends on the quality of the service they provided and the level of satisfaction. Once the move is done, think about the service that you have received and decide how much you are willing to tip your local movers. 

Preparation of your new home

There are many things you need to think of when it comes to preparing your home for a move. You want to create the layout of your new home before your local movers get to your place with all the furniture. Not only it might be more expensive, but it will be stressful for all parties. Think of all redecoration that you need to do before your professional movers bring all the furniture inside. No need to double the tasks when you can plan it ahead. Don’t forget things such as transferring your utilities so you can settle down in your home. And change the address so all of those packages can find the way to you. 

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