1. When do movers get paid?

Most of the licensed local moving companies are paying their movers weekly or bi-weekly, like any regular employees. Clients are paying for their move at the end of the service and if you leave some tips to the movers, they can take it on spot of course, because that is the reward for their services. With licensed companies, movers are paid like regular workers, there is no difference at all. Companies are also investing in their training and experience.

2. Can movers work in the rain?

There is no weather condition that professional movers can’t handle. No matter if it’s raining, snowing or sun is shining, movers will just make sure that your belongings are properly protected according to the weather. For rain specifically, there are extra moving blankets and plastic wrap used for protection.

3. Will movers take my bed apart?

Disassembly, reassembly and protection of your belongings is something that every local moving company should do as a part of their standard service. Not only safety of your items is guaranteed, but this will help fit all of your belongings into the moving truck.

4. Why tip movers?

This is the usual dilemma, whether you should tip the movers or not. Tipping is not mandatory, movers are getting paid by their moving company, but it is a part of a culture to tip someone who just did a great job for you. How much to tip the movers is also up to you, whatever you feel is convenient at the moment. 

5. Where to find movers?

There are many ways to find movers near you that can help you with your local move. First, you should think about your moving needs and then ask someone that you can trust if there is some local moving company they trust. If that is not the case, you will have to dig deeper and to use the internet search. The easiest way is to type ‘movers near me’, but sometimes you need to be more specific, depending on your moving needs, so you might try ‘furniture movers near me’ , ‘furniture movers Burbank’ etc. After you find a few moving companies that can fit your needs, you need to call them to find out more about their services.

6. How do movers charge?

Local moving companies have different policies when it comes to charging for their services. One is mandatory – to be transparent about everything. In The Moving Help Burbank, we adopted the most usual way that local movers are charging – the hourly rate with a three hours minimum. Besides that, we don’t have any additional charges or fees. 

7. How many movers should I hire?

You might think you know your furniture the best, and there is no doubt about it. But your local movers are experienced in scheduling and performing different types of local moves and that is why they might know a bit more than you when it comes to the local move. That is why you should listen to their recommendation when you talk about the number of movers needed to efficiently and safely move you. 

8. What movers will not move?

Even though local movers are experienced with heavy lifting, there are some items that cannot be safely relocated by local movers, so you will need specialized moving company for that. Here in The Moving Help Burbank, we have a weight limit of 450 lbs and we cannot move anything that is heavier than that because it is simply not safe. 

9. Movers who will pack for you?

Every professional local moving company has trained packers and movers that can help you with every step of your relocation, including packing service. Don’t hesitate to ask about it once you call for a quote, because full pack service is not something that is included in the standard moving service, so you should always request it additionally. 

10. Are movers licensed?

Unfortunately, there are many local moving companies that are operating without the licence and that is why many people don’t feel safe during their local move. If you hire licensed movers, they also have insurance included, so in case of any accidents you will be covered.