Business Moving – Local Movers – How to Prepare

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Wow! You’ve made it, you are relocating your business to another corporate headquarter and you are starting fresh. How exciting this is? A lot! But, at the same time, moving an entire business will be stressful. You will have to organize all of your employees, find local movers to help you out, prepare your new home for moving in, etc. 

The list is endless. And you might feel overwhelmed with all the tasks on your plate. And that’s okay, moving is stressful, even when you are entering something new and nice. And that is why we are here to help you out. We’ve talked to many office movers to come up with the list that will help you prepare for everything that’s ahead of you. Our main goal is to help you have a stress-free business move. So, let’s start! 

Review your lease for a current office space

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Before you start planning your move and calling different local movers, you might want to review your current lease with your office space. The last thing you need when moving is to have some unexpected expenses that will make you feel stressed out. After all, moving can be pretty expensive, so why wouldn’t you spare a couple of minutes to go through your lease. Check your terms carefully to find out if you are on the hook for a fee if something is damaged, chipped, scratched, or something like that.

There might also be some information on how early should you let your management know about moving out. Do your best not to lose the security deposit, we all know these are not cheap. When it comes to moving, you can never be too cautious.

Let your employees know about the move

Moving is not exciting and stressful for you only, but for your employees too. The new location of your business will change their lives as well since they might need less or more time to commute, or it might change their life schedule overall, so make sure to organize a meeting to let them know about moving. The worst thing that can happen is that your employees learn about the arrival of local movers just a few days before.

Group of cheerful corporate businesspeople in formal wear stacking hands at meeting in boardroom. Catch your people doing something right and let them know you appreciate it.

Make sure to spread a good word with them. After the meeting where you will explain briefly what’s your moving plan, you should send a follow-up email with at least the main points of your plan. 

Assign a project manager of this project

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Moving can get chaotic, and even though your local movers will help you make a moving plan, you will still have to take care of some items on your to-do list. So it doesn’t get even more complicated than it is, you should assign one person who will be in charge of the most important things, such as calling local movers to get quotes, making sure you are within the moving budget, and so on. When you have one person involved, you will know how to organize everything and who’s responsible for everything. Ask for a volunteer or just pick someone who’s well-organized. 

Pick a date for your relocation

Now, it’s time to pick the moving date. You need to determine this before calling local movers because they will need to check their availability. Deciding what moving date should you choose might be tricky because you want to choose the day that is not that busy for your business, and if you are working every day, that might be a problem. You might want to check with your furniture movers if they can help you move after hours. If that is the case, you might be settled within a day and ready for a new working day.

However, if your local movers can’t do that, you should pick one day and let everyone know that you are not working that day. Also, if you call your local movers early, you will be able to catch the day that works the best for you, so don’t procrastinate with this. You know how they say, the early bird catches the worm. 

Research local movers in your area

If you think that this is as simple as typing local movers near me and hiring one of the first companies on the list, we will have to say that you are too optimistic. Finding local movers nowadays is not that simple because there are numerous local moving companies out there, and you will see it yourself. But don’t start panicking when you see dozens of names popping up when you type local movers near me.

finding local movers

You will have to start your search now, so pick a couple of top names on Google and Yelp and read the reviews and visit their websites. Learning more about your professional movers is crucial when planning a local move, so don’t skip this step. Before you call any local movers, put your wishes, requests, and details about your office on paper, so you can determine what type of service you need and how they can help you.

Besides checking everything related to the prices and services that your local movers can offer, you should also check if they are licensed. Hiring licensed local movers is crucial if you would like to have a stress-free move because you will be covered no matter what. So, make sure to invest some time in this task, because reliable local movers will help you have a wonderful move that will be done smoothly and efficiently. 

Determine a detailed moving budget

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After you have called a couple of places to hear about the prices and services they are offering, it’s time to set the moving budget. It’s easier to set it after calling local movers because that will be the main expense you will have. Try to come up with a lot of details that are related to your move, and also, pay attention to some things that might seem irrelevant, because they are not. Besides hiring local movers, you will have expenses that are related to preparing your new office space, and so on.

It’s important to write down everything that will cause you to spend money, because that way, you will ensure you have a smooth relocation. 

Book local movers early

We have already mentioned that finding local movers is not that easy, so once you find them, you shouldn’t hesitate to book them. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about the offer you got from your local movers, take some time for that too. But, once you decide that professional movers are suitable for you, why waiting? Good and reliable local movers get booked up pretty soon, so if you are waiting too long, you might lose your chosen moving date or, even worse, local movers.

Pack valuable documents (and items) on your own

Every business has some valuable and irreplaceable documents. No matter how reliable your local movers are, you should always pack these on your own, and move them too. It’s not worth the stress if something gets lost, especially since you have to take just a few boxes. And when it comes to moving, you can never be too safe. 

Start packing early

Packing is the most complex and the most time-consuming task you will encounter. That is why you shouldn’t procrastinate with this task. You should start super early, so you are packed and ready to go when your local movers arrive. If you notice that you don’t have enough time to pack up your entire office, you can always hire your local movers to help you with this.

Preparation of goods for dispatch, packing by local movers

To be as efficient as possible, you should start with the least used items and let your employees pack their personal belongings before the moving day. They will appreciate the fact they can collect their belongings and decide what to do with them. 

Label the boxes

Don’t skip labeling the boxes because that way your local movers will know where to place them in your new office space. Also, you will be able to determine if your local movers have brought all of your boxes to your new location. There are many different methods of proper labeling, so check them out. Make sure to add notes if something is fragile, so your local movers can know how to handle them. 

Check with your office building if they have some special requirements

When moving in and out of commercial buildings, your building management might need your local movers to fulfill their requirements. These might be various, from providing a certificate of insurance to moving in or out at a certain time. You should also know that some building managements are so strict they won’t let your local movers in unless they have met all the requests. Avoid any complexities by checking this. 

Make a layout of your new office

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Most of the local movers are charging hourly rates, if you don’t have a layout of your new office, they will need more time for placing the furniture where it should be. This will, of course, cause additional expenses. These are just some of the reasons to come up with a layout of your new home.

Prepare your new office for an upcoming move

Before your local movers bring in the furniture, make sure to check your new office and see if some last-minute repairs should be done. This is way easier to be done before your professional movers come with the furniture. The same goes for painting, so check that too, and organize it as well.

Check with your local movers what methods of payment they take

When it comes to business relocation, you should check what methods of payment they are taking. Especially if you are paying with the company’s credit card, your local movers might need to send you a credit card authorization form, so make sure to fill it out and send it to your local movers. And you should know that most of the local movers are not taking checks, so make sure to double-check that.

Tip your professional movers if you are happy with the service

Tipping your furniture movers is not mandatory, but it is a good thing to do when you are happy with the service. If your local movers have provided you with exceptional service – make sure to tip your team. If you are wondering how much to tip the local movers, it is completely up to you. Make sure to plan this when planning a moving budget.

tip the movers

Looking for the best professional movers? The Moving Help is the right choice if you would like to have a less complex and smooth relocation. Our team is at your service every day of a week, and we are not just going to execute your move, we are going to help you plan it as well. Our customer support department is experienced with many different moving projects, so you are in safe hands.

Needless to say that our local movers are also dedicated professionals who have one goal, and that is keeping your items safe. All of our local movers are carefully selected and trained so they can offer you a moving service at the highest standards. We are doing our best, so all of our clients can get the highest-quality service on the market.

The Moving Help can offer you amazing customer support department that is at your service every day of a week and a team of wonderful professional movers who will work together to take the burdein from your back. We are the best choice if you are planning a move soon. Give us a call, share some details about your move with us, and we will make sure to provide you with a free moving quote and the moving plan that is tailored for your needs. We are looking forward to talking to you! Give us a call and let’s make a plan for your upcoming move! 

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