As a diverse and large city with many areas to live in, it is not simple to find the most suitable neighborhood in Los Angeles. On the other hand, with more than 80 neighborhoods, everyone can find something that is suitable for their needs, lifestyle and wishes. Here is what we recommend.


A neighborhood with many nicknames, so you might hear someone referring to it as a Dogtown, Coney Island of the Pacific, Venice of America etc. None of these nicknames is good enough to describe the magic that makes up this neighborhood. It is located on the Pacific Ocean and it is the cultural hub of Los Angeles. It attracts lots of musicians, artists, locals and everyone from around to create something new here. There is no other neighborhood that is this vibrant as Venice. Here is one of the most popular amusement piers in the States ( besides the one in Santa Monica ). There are many trendy, fun and eclectic shops, galleries and restaurants here, so you can spend the whole day just exploring it. One is sure, you won’t be bored for a minute when living in Venice!

Santa Monica

Often called resort town, located on the Pacific Ocean and one of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in – Santa Monica. We must add, it is worth every penny! Santa Monica Pier is one of the most popular destinations for anyone who is coming to the US. It is surrounded by the mountains, canyons, rolling hills, valleys while offering the best ocean view. As you might guess, the weather is amazing throughout the year. Santa Monica is the end of the famous Route 66, so it is a historic neighborhood as well. It is also a town of great restaurants and pretty good nightlife. Living on the beach is definitely the best thing you can afford. There is no stress when you are waking up to the sound of the ocean. Schools in Santa Monica are highly rated and it is a very safe neighborhood and that makes it perfect for families as well. 


Burbank is recognized as one of the best cities to live in California and also one of the cities with the best rated schools. You can see where we are going here, it is an amazing place for families! Burbank is a small city with a great soul. It is very safe and your neighbors are friendly and helpful with anything you might need. You will enjoy the quiet and cozy feeling that Burbank offers. Burbank is a home to many stores, restaurants, parks etc. Check Magnolia Park and you can catch some vintage pieces that you always wanted to have. On weekends, you should get fresh groceries on the Farmer’s Market. After shopping, enjoy your well deserved cup of coffee in one of the shops. Burbank is a place for everyone, no matter if you are a family person or individual seeking a new career option. 

Culver City

Culver City is known as “The Heart of Screenland” and it is one of the best places to live in Los Angeles. The movies had come to town even before Culver City was officially a city. If you always wanted to become a movie star, there is no better place to start pursuing your dream. Culver City is a real star amongst the neighborhoods, because it is providing the backdrop to movies and television all around the country. But it is not everything about the movie industry here, there are many other start ups where you can try to build your career. If you are a creative individual, you will love living in Culver City. There are many fantastic restaurants here and activities, just check the vibrant downtown area. Also, many great schools that are highly rated are located in Culver City. 


This neighborhood is great for those who love the small town atmosphere! Alhambra is an affordable neighborhood where you can find many great options for living that goes from little cottages and bungalows to fancy homes. It is quite simple to get around in this neighborhood and there is a metro for those who don’t have a vehicle, so you can easily get to any other part of the city. Alhambra is a cozy, homey and walkable neighborhood great for families and those who love a calm lifestyle. It is a home to many restaurants, coffee shops and restaurants where you can spend your free time. Don’t miss to try their chinese food, you will simply adore it. During the weekends, many Alhambra residents are going a few miles to the west to enjoy hiking trails in Angeles National Forest. Although it is a quiet neighborhood, you will have a lot of entertainment here.