Welcome to The Moving Help Burbank! We are someone who understands the stress you must feel when planning your local move and that is why we are here to help you out! The Moving Help Burbank committed to honest work and helping our community with their relocations. Since day one and that was a long time ago, almost 15 years ago, we were learning how to make moving easier for you. In a wide range of our services, you will be able to find the best one for you – residential, commercial or labor jobs. We are experts in the moving industry that will make sure your move is done stress free and hustle free. No matter what kind of service you need, our movers are professionals trained to perform it safely and carefully. Every employee that is working for The Moving Help Burbank is selected with the utmost care and after that they are trained to meet our high standards when it comes to moving. 

Our mission:

Finding a reliable moving company will help you have a stress free local relocation and that is what our main goal is! Our mission is to help our community have quality, stress-free and affordable relocation. How are we working on it? By learning a lot from every move we conduct, that is why your feedback is valuable and we would like to hear back from you after your move is done. We are constantly trying to come up with new, modern moving techniques in order to make your moving even more time efficient and safe at the same time. The Moving Help Burbank already became one of the best local movers in town, our goal now is to keep the standards high and to continue our helping mission. 

Why us

While searching for moving services Burbank, you probably encountered many local moving companies with different stories and numerous reviews. After reading lots of negative reviews many people are afraid to schedule a local moving company and they decide to move by themselves or their relocation is a stressful event even with professional movers. The Moving Help Burbank will show you that there are local movers you can trust! From helping you organize your move to safely relocating your belongings, we have you covered! As a reputable moving company, customer experience means a lot to us and that is why our moving coordinators will make sure to guide you through the whole moving process even before you book your services. Our movers and packers have necessary skills to take care of your belongings at the utmost safe way. You get to choose how involved you would like to be in your local relocation, but The Moving Help Burbank can help you with both packing and moving. Regardless of the service you choose, our goal is the same – to move you safely. We will bring plastic wrap, moving blankets, wardrobe boxes and tools needed to disassemble and reassemble your furniture. If you choose our full pack service, we will make sure your items are carefully packed and padded so they can safely arrive at your new home. 

The way we calculate our price is based on the quality of our service and also the competition. We are always trying to offer budget-friendly rates, so every member of our community can have a smooth local move. Transparency is guaranteed, as well as the rates you will get from us. The Moving Help Burbank values its clients too much, so we won’t try to sell you something that we can’t do. Price that we are offering is all-inclusive and without any hidden charges. Like many other local moving companies that are licensed and insured, we also have a 3 hours minimum for our services. Hourly rate does not mean that we will try to make your move last even longer than needed. Our movers will be efficient as much as possible, because we understand that you can’t wait to settle in your new home. 

Make a good move and hire the best movers in town – The Moving Help Burbank. Getting a quote is free, so check out if we are the right moving company for your needs.